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Chasing Amy

on my own terms

la ragazza con gli occhi verdi.
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First thing first, I do post in my journal on a regular basis. I don’t have a friend’s only banner because I hate those things. A few months back, after having a few unprovoked comments left in my journal I used the new feature and placed almost everything under a friend’s only umbrella.

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That being said onto the good stuff…

I'm a Respiratory Therapist. I work at one of the regions top hospitals. I enjoy my job, but at times I do not enjoy all the politics that go along with the job.

I'm happily married since 2002. Although not all the time together has been wonderful, we have worked through the rough times and continue to work on our relationship every day. My husband, Brian, and I have two children. Nicholas was born in July of 2000, and Kate joined us in September of 2006.

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I like having unique things. Take for instances, the jar of marbles pictured. Do you have any idea what a struggle it is to keep those marbles in that jar! Of course I wouldn’t dream of sticking it out of reach of the children, that would just make too much sense.


I love Michael Godarda,. Not only do I find him incredibly sexy, but his art work is fantastic.
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Other artwork that I enjoy includes Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. I hope some day to have a room with exclusively their work in it.

I also love oil paints of flowers. I grew up with numerous ones adorning the living room. I think it is one of those things that takes me back to my childhood. These are two I have in my living room currently.

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I’ve recently taken a liking to more feminine clothes, although I’m taking the whole girly-girl thing slowly. I can usually be caught wearing a nice shirt with jeans and nice shoes.
I post a lot of random things. Sometimes a rant, sometimes a juicy tid-bit, sometimes my grocery list, but mostly random things from my days. I do sometimes go extended periods of time( a week or two) without posting
I love to rant.
I consider myself to be a free thinker.
I like to write and draw but would never consider myself emo.
I love to sleep. I feel like I never get enough, when in reality I am probably getting too much.
I love tattoo’s (I have 3). Someday I plan on having a sleeve done. My husband on the other hand does not like or appreciate tattoo’s.


I prefer to keep my friends list small. Now, after saying that, don’t be afraid to friend me. If I don’t feel a connection with you after a while, I will unfriend you. Don’t take it personally. It is just easier for a smaller group of people to be angry with me when I do something completely stupid, then to have an angry mob.


"Still images cast in glass. Fragmented, split apart, echoes of time, in continuous motion"

Two years here, seven years there, three more over there. Chunks of time, faded memories. New neighborhoods become old stomping grounds, and them I’m gone. Faces I’ll never see again. Hands never to be held again. Tactile sensations that still play with my nerve endings. Scents that tap me on the shoulder in the street. Was that her? Emotions informing dreams. A dull, muted sadness, pushed down, pushed back, pushed away, buried. Lives touched, lives changed, lives lived. Voices I will never hear again. And that breaks my heart. Keep moving.”
-- Keith Alexander, 11/23/63-07/11/05

"I own myself. I can leave myself as I am, or I can improve myself as I see fit, or I can even choose to destroy myself. It’s my decision, and my decision alone. Any law that tells me that I don’t own myself, and can’t dictate what is done to my body and by whom, is fundamentally wrong and by definition a tool of those who would enslave others. Worse yet, it belies a flawed foundation upon which true human rights cannot be built."
--Shannon Larratt

"To embrace our future, we must first embody our past."
-- Christian Noni

"O, all of my all"

Other, more, Ect.

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